Why Choose Collaborative Divorce?

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A Better Divorce Process


A traditional courtroom divorce is governed by rules and procedures that make it expensive. The Collaborative Process has built in efficiencies that cost less than litigation. Many Collaborative professionals offer affordable options.


Information exchanged in the Collaborative Process is confidential. In a traditional courtroom divorce, all the details related to your children, your money and your disagreements are public and available for anyone to see. Collaborative Process provides families with an unparalleled level of privacy, so that the decisions regarding your family are for your eyes only.


Judges are limited to a strict application of the law when they are asked to make decisions. This ‘black and white’ approach can often leave families with undesired results. In the Collaborative Process, while the law is one consideration, it is not the only factor. You and your spouse can craft options with the help of your professional team that are best for your family.


A traditional court-based divorce can take years. The Collaborative Process is oriented around your schedule, not the court’s, and moves forward at the pace your choose.​

Continuing Support

Most families have continuing connections post-divorce regarding finances and/or children. The Collaborative Process offers ongoing support to families if or when disagreements arise to avoid post-divorce litigation.